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Welcome to Rogue Recovery
We are dedicated to giving every autism parent the necessary resources in order to heal their child. By using the RogueMap® to Recovery, you will have a powerful step by step tool to guide your child's treatment in your own home. Hundreds of hours of video content from physicians, wellness practitioners and parents who are healing children all over the world are at your fingertips. All at no cost.
For those who are looking for a professional to support them, our network of RogueTrusted® Practitioners are there to be a part of your wellness team.
The RogueMap®
The RogueMap® was created as a  step by step tool to guide parents in healing their child from their own home. Because parents are the experts on their child, there will not be a more powerful force for recovery than them. By giving parents a comprehensive and strategic map that outlines the steps of treatment, we have given them everything they need.
For families who want to have a professional guide them along their healing journey, the RogueTrusted® practitioners network was created. Each practitioner has been extensively trained and screened for their knowledge of autism treatment. Each practitioner must also sign the Fair Price Pledge with Rogue Recovery.
Connect with other families who are on the RogueMap® to Recovery. Share, educate, learn, and grow together in a positive, supportive community. Access resources on how to stay strong, focused and healthy so that you can live in peace, and happiness. Heal yourself, heal your child.
Become a RogueTrusted® Practitioner
Be an integral part of your patient's wellness team and a trusted member of our network
If you are a physician or wellness practitioner with a passion for helping children with autism recover and live their best life possible, contact us today to learn about upcoming training programs!